The Margarita is one of the best-known classics of the cocktail world. The one essential thing is that it has to be made with a good tequila!

Neon Experience

We were inspired to make this fantastic cocktail by hobbyist Dan Malpass’ creation.

Gin Dragon

The classic and timeless Gin Tonic is the fashion drink par excellence. The Gin Tonic probably comes from the British Empire.

Gin Basil Smash

In 2008 one of the most famous bartenders and bar owners in Germany invented the nestling among the listed ones.

Bloody Mary

Known as hangover or counter cocktail or tomato soup with a shot. But she can do more than that.

Cookie Alert

Do you like desserts, especially cookies? Then you have to try this cocktail.

Kiwi Kick

The Kiwi Kick features the wonderful tropical flavours of kiwi (obviously) and melon.

Planters Punch

Actually the Planter's Punch is only one category for a cocktail.

Milk Man‘s Punch

Overall it is a slightly sweet and sour but not too creamy or sweet drink.


With its blend of bitter liqueur, red vermouth and soda water, the Americano is a sweet, bitter and refreshing cocktail.

Mojito Blueberry

The Mojito goes back to a long tradition of rum drinks in the Caribbean.

Rusty Nail

The Drambuie makes the Rusty Nail a sweet, stylish and simple cocktail.


This Martini Cocktail is a very fruity variant, which is mixed without vermouth or gin.

Jack Rose

Besides the Star Cocktail the Jack Rose is one of the two most popular and well-known Applejack (Apple Brandy) cocktails.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a drink from the famous German bartender and restaurateur Charles Schumann.

Style & Grace

It doesn’t always have to be bubbly or some other sparkling wine to toast at an upscale occasion.

Tequila Sunrise

With its fruity sweet taste of orange and grenadine you can feel the sunset.


Maraschino and especially red vermouth give it that certain sweetness.

Tom Collins

This simple and stylish classic is a must for gin lovers in particular.